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For an informal chat or to arrange to meet one of the dogs, please get in touch with us 01267 290 317 or get in touch through our Contact page.

In the event of you adopting a Dane, we will ask you to fill in & sign a form. This can be downloaded HERE so that you can read through it in advance. If you are bringing us a Dane, there is also some paperwork to complete. This can be downloaded HERE. Please contact us first, to ensure that we have sufficient kennel space.

Elsa says   “Although I have been very lucky and have found my new forever home, please remember that Great Dane Care has more dogs coming in to be re-homed all of the time, and we need your support.”


Reggie is one of the Great Danes available and having now been to the vets for a check up is looking for a permanent home

Reggie is a 22 month old, black, small castrated dog. He is very friendly and has been walked with other dogs and is well socialized, he has lived with a Jack Russell dog. He has lived with a rabbit but not with cats or young children.

His ideal home would be with an experienced couple with older children or no children who have the time to spend with him to continue his training.

Reggie could live with a bitch and is young enough to fit in with active people. Sadly handed in due to personal reasons he would make a lovely addition to a home.


Jack is a laid back medium size, solid,  black castrated just 6 years old Dog. He is really good with children and other dogs and obedient on the lead with a good recall. He came in with his 4.5 year old son, Boots and they lived together in an outside compound .Sadly handed in due to business failure.



Merlin is a delightful companion and is a blue, castrated, handsome dog with no grey on him which belies his youthful  8 years.  He suffered a large change in his life when his elderly owner was taken into hospital with a very serious condition and it means regretfully,they cannot live together again. He is very good on a lead and loves the fuss of human company He shows no aggressive tendencies at all with other dogs or bitches  but would be best suited to a quiet home where he can have the exercise needed of an older dog preferably on his own or with a quiet older bitch. He has not lived with cats or young children but his gentle nature doesn't rule out contact occasionally with either.

A good addition to a understanding  household


Dave is a well grown, well reared,  merle puppy who will be one year old in October. He has lived in a house with young children and a cat where he has been taught basic commands. Sadly he and the much older Boxer dog were incompatible making life difficult for the family so he was regrettably handed in.

He will have an ideal home with an experienced person who can continue his training and have the time to help him through his teenage months . A lovely character who will be a big boy when he grows up.


Brie is a lovely young medium sized spayed black bitch who has just arrived.  She is a typical lively teenager of 18 months . She needs an experienced home and at present is running out in our exercise field with an 8 year old castrated dog and cheers him up. She has lived in a house with adults and teenagers with visiting children but her owner was unable to meet her needs.

She has recently been spayed so a photo will come soon.


My name is Faye and I am a 3 year old deaf bitch. Now I know the word 'deaf' scares some people off because I can't hear anything. Well let me tell you that I don't really let it bother me! I can do sit, paw and lie down, I also know the commands for good and bad girl and for coming back in the field, although Lizzie doesn't really need to use that one as I'm never far from her side! I am very good with giant breeds, I recently had a young male with me and I taught him everything he needs to know. He’s gone to his forever home now so now I am kenneled with another young male, and I am teaching him all his manners along with how to play nice with big dogs, I am very patient with the young ones you see. I think I would be happy with a giant breed sensible dog even if it is younger than me, but no small dogs or bitches please!

I love going for walks and Lizzie often says that I could walk for miles, I'm so happy and just walk nice next to her, I especially love sniffing all the flowers on the way. I'm a gentle girl who would really love a warm fire to curl up in front of and some people to call my own. I wouldn't like to go with young children please, but sensible teenagers who are used to girls like me may be okay. I would love a double gated property to keep me safe when I'm out in the garden, and somewhere where there is enough room for me to have a run around in a quiet area so I wouldn’t meet small dogs or any bitches.My favourite time of the day is food time! I will sit for Lizzie before she feeds me so I can show her how clever I am. It’s really time now for me to just love my own family now who can love me forever. Please consider me if you feel you have the experience and love for me!

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