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In the event of you adopting a Dane, we will ask you to fill in & sign a form. This can be downloaded HERE so that you can read through it in advance. If you are bringing us a Dane, there is also some paperwork to complete. This can be downloaded HERE. Please contact us first, to ensure that we have sufficient kennel space.

Elsa says   “Although I have been very lucky and have found my new forever home, please remember that Great Dane Care has more dogs coming in to be re-homed all of the time, and we need your support.”


Adopt                   UPDATED 22/8/19

Thor is a 4year old castrated fawn dog with a black mask. He is lovely with adults but has not lived with children He is wary of some people but been a delight here. He is really good on a lead and obedient. He is not very fond of small dogs when first meeting them.

This dog really deserves a kind but firm breed experienced home so he can come into his own. A credit to his owners, would live with a quiet bitch or on his own,  urban but best rural home.


This is Huntley an 18 month old castrated harlequin dog  who has responded well to rehab. He doesn't  like small dogs and hasn't lived with cats. He is very good with people but is a very large strong dog so an experienced home is essential. he is fully vaccinated until next May His ideal home would be rural and with  own land for exercise and the icing on the cake would be a sensible strong bitch to encourage good behaviour. A popular member of the kennel.

If you think you can meet his needs then please ring so we can have more details and arrange a home check


Charlie is a black castrated handsome 14 month old dog . He is of a nervous disposition yet good with gentle people. He was handed in by a breeder and lacks general socialisation although he has lived with older teenagers but not cats and other Great Danes. He has lived in an urban area but enjoys his runs in the fields in a rural setting. He would be best in an experienced household with a constant companion, human or another sensible large/giant breed such as a sensible great dane where his training can be continued. He has lived with Madison since puppyhood they could go together but he could live on his own.


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