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In the event of you adopting a Dane, we will ask you to fill in & sign a form. This can be downloaded HERE so that you can read through it in advance. If you are bringing us a Dane, there is also some paperwork to complete. This can be downloaded HERE. Please contact us first, to ensure that we have sufficient kennel space.

Elsa says   “Although I have been very lucky and have found my new forever home, please remember that Great Dane Care has more dogs coming in to be re-homed all of the time, and we need your support.”


Adopt                   UPDATED 7/2/2020

Bella is sweet natured 6 year old blue bitch that has now been spayed. She was almost a pyometra case as her uterus was extremely infected due to the extensive number of pregnancies she had had. She also has cataracts on both eyes so is almost blind at the moment and has had little exercise. Both the last 2 conditions will be hopefully treated before she goes, if possible . She deserves a second chance

A wonderful companion in a quiet home so if you can take her on to give her the TLC she needed, Bella's story and the crowd fundraising is doing well with over £3700 in the funds by dinner time today , this is wonderful and well worth the effort . She is booked in for an eye operation on both cataracts on Feb 6th   



Lili is a fawn, spayed,  19  month old, active  intelligent, small Great Dane,  she is loving but suffers with separation anxiety due to her shyness and lack of socialisation, better with woman than men.  She has lived with small children and other dogs but no cats  but would be best situated to an breed experienced, secure  home with time to carry on her training and be an only dog. This nervous bitch deserves a better future.   



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