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Adoption & Health Advice

Adopting a Great Dane shouldn't be taken lightly. They are not known as Gentle Giants for nothing! The key word here is GIANT and this brings it's own issues.

This charity is funded by donations and your Great Dane has been passed to you in return for a donation - you have NOT bought the dog. We're sure you would agree it is therefore reasonable, ONLY in exceptional hardship cases, could we consider the return of the donation. Each application will be considered at the next meeting of the trustees. The returned donation will be less the transport costs of collecting the dog from your home.

Adoption Advice

Hopefully the move from rescue to new home will be stress-free for both you & the dog. If for any reason you think the dog is not settling in as well as expected, then please contact us as soon as possible for advice or help.

Click here for our full Adoption Advice rundown.

Health Advice

There are some important guidelines in order to keep your new Great Dane in the peak of health & happiness. Please take the time to read & understand our helpful tips  and advice.

Click here for our Health Advice guidelines.

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