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Adoption Advice

Remember that the dog cannot be told why he/she is being re-homed & can be confused as to why we are leaving him/her with you. You will use different words from the former owner but we will try and tell you as much as we know about his/her background and his reactions whilst in our kennels.

Remember that all dogs still have the instincts that allowed them to live happily in a wild pack, under the strict commands and order laid down by the dominant male and dominant female. All the family must understand this and the people around this dog come FIRST and the dog is bottom of the pile. Always greet the family members first and the dog last. This is hard to master when he/she comes bounding up to you when you come home but do PLEASE TRY. They soon accept this as normal and feel happier when they know their place.

Adoption Advice

Hopefully the move from rescue to new home will be stress-free for both you & the dog. Just be sensible, allow the dog some time to realise that this new house is now "home" and don't try to force the process.

If for any reason you think the dog is not settling in as well as expected, then please contact us as soon as possible for advice or help.

Click here to download our Adoption Advice guidelines.