The comfort a gentle animal can bring

Bailey is my 9 and a half years, Blue Great Dane, a true Gentleman and my best friend – he brings so much pleasure to the people we meet. Allowing people to ‘Touch’ him brings comfort and calm and often the return of loving memories of pets once owned and loved.


The lady touching Bailey has not spoken for over 20 years. She has impaired sight and hearing and physically does very little on a daily basis, however, on knowing Bailey is visiting, she moves forward in her seat, reaches out her hand to Touch and smiles – Bailey brings so much to this particular lady.

The lady closest to Bailey used to have dogs of her own most of her life. Confined to her wheelchair and often found struggling to breathe, this lady just ‘loved’ Bailey – found him ‘so easy’ – a lovely Recall of her past dogs.

Never too late to make a friend

 ‘I want to try to stroke him’ – a lady who told staff she had been frightened of dogs for as long as she could remember. Each time I brought Bailey, she asked to leave the room but not today – she wanted to try to connect and she did - everyone was delighted --- Jean has accepted Bailey’s presence ever since -