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FUND RAISING ACTIVITIES are a crucial part of Great Dane Care’s continued existence.  All events are a wonderful way for people to appreciate and advertise our necessary work.


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Hi Liz,


We just wanted to let you know that a payment of £88.75 for Great Dane Care Charitable Trust has been paid by BACS directly into your bank account.


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Here is a photo of the stands at Ammanford Rugby Club with Laura and Capone .

what a good day in the end .

Lizzie ,Laura, Gordon and I arrived at the very level well cut field of Ammanford Rugby Club at 10.00am and the heavens opened in a torrential down pour,  the sky was black and the hills covered well. We all looked at each other and we were lucky as there was a tent already erected next to our spot and we managed to keep fairly dry. But as the forecast had said it would be showery in the morning and sunny by midday they were right .

The team saw the blue patches appear and the rain stopped so by 11.00 am the stand was erected and the tombola and articles available for sensible donations were out and the funds poured in as the crowd appeared. The dogs Capon, Lloyd and Jess were  the real stars and the team of 4 plus Sue Wallis and Alison Jones had a great time talking about the joys of owning a great dane and the important work that is carried out by the charity.

Lots of smiling faces appeared when people won prizes at the tombola and the items that had been donated turned into much needed funds as well as the large number of people of all ages who patted and cuddled the Danes.393.50 was raised and after paying £ 63.50 will go into our funds.

A good day, so thankyou to all who attended , donated prizes, the organisers who asked us to attend   and  our last chance to see Lizzie before her trip to Africa. An excellent public relations exercise with funds raised as well.  

Hope to see you at the AGM on 28th September 2019 and hope you have remembered to send any more items to add to AOB to Helen Evans  


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Our stand at Dane of the Year 2019


Bags…Ali buys the paint, bags and sends them first class, signed for, all at her own expense. The bags are available for a minimum of £10 donation, many so far have been for a donation of £20. All money goes to Great Dane Care. If you would like to have one of these bags and donate to GDC please email HERE   Disclaimer- GDC has nothing to do with the manufacture/production/orders & shipping of these items & cannot be held responsible for such.