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Happily Re-homed

Here are just some of the beautiful dogs that we at Great Dane Care have been lucky enough to know & care for over many years, now happy in their new loving forever-homes. This is why we do what we do!

Baileys story   Bailey has now, very sadly, gone over the rainbow bridge Dec 2016

Diesel Scooby Dusty Archie Pearl Hattie Toby Harley Albert Gelert Storm Jimmy Julius & Sapphire Bella Molly Stella Tinkerbell Tizer Coco & Ebony Oliver Millie with Liz of GDC Elsa Nora originaly named Blanche Lara Wesley Coco Indi rehomed Nov 2014 Diego Odin Midas Thor

Happily re-homed gallery

Yvaine rehomed 2014 Titan Finlay Bo Max Lacy rehomed 2015 Zeus Rehomed May2015 Ossy very happily settled June 2015 Enzo Millie... Stitch rehomed 2015 Benji Rehomed 2015 Bluebell rehomed August 2015 Phoebe rehomed 2015 Molly rehomed August 2015 Mia rehomed August 2015 Tessa rehomed August 2015 Victor rehomed August 2015 Rhona rehomed Oct 2015 Zoe rehomed Oct 2015 Millie rehomed Christmas 2015 Tyson rehomed Christmas 2015 Nelson rehomed 2016 Pinter rehomed 2016 Zeus Happily rehomed March 2016 Matilda & Eden rehomed together Matilda & Eden rehomed together Kiera rehomed July 2016 Ilana rehomed 2016 Rhianna rehomed 2016 Ruby rehomed 2016 Melody rehomed 2016 Melody at the beach Fred happily rehomed Mabel happy in her new home Oct 2016 Ella rehome Dec 2016 Bella rehomed Dec 2016 Nelson rehomed Dec 2016 Nymue happily rehomed Jan2017 Daphne rehomed Feb2017 Dennis & Chester rehomed Feb2017 Rosie Rehomed April 2017 Brian rehomed April 2017 Alice rehomed May 2017 Maggie rehomed May 2017 Shadow happily rehomed May2017 Skipper rehomed July 2017 Storm & Eva happily rehomed together Poppy rehomed 2016 Buzz rehomed September 2017 Skye rehomed September 2017 Oscar & Miley rehomed September 2017 Ruby & Rhianna happily settled Jan 2018 Lola rehomed April 2018 Apollo rehomed 2018 Misty rehomed 2018 Kodi rehomed 2018 Bruno rehomed April 2018 Bonnie rehomed June 2018 Katie rehomed June 2018 Boots rehomed Juky 2018 Brie happily rehomed August 2018 Merlin rehomed August 2018 Dave rehomed August 2018 Reggie rehomed Sept 2018 Brandy & Candy have settled well Dec2018 Faye has found her forever home Dec 2018 Harley rehomed Feb 2019 Hector rehomed Feb 2019 Bryn rehomed April 2019 Gus Rehomed April 2019 Lilley happily settled in her new home Nelly rehomed June 2019 Bently rehomed June 2019 Poppy rehomed June 2019 Daisy rehomed June 2019 Lilly Rehomed June 2019 Huntley happily rehomed Aug 2019 Charlie settled in his new home Sept 2019 Elsa rehomed Oct 2019 Odin rehomed Oct 2019 Madison settled in her new home Nessa settled well in her new home Nov2019 Albie happily settled Thor happily settled Bertie happily settled Feb2020 Boris settled in his new home Feb2020 Phoebe happily rehomed Bella very happy in her new home after successful eye surgery Lili settled in her new home Willow settled in her new home Henry settled well Sept 2020 Ben, very happily settled Dec 2020

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