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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of the Danes who have sadly left us but who will always, always be remembered.

In Loving Memory of Amaris-Departed 2009 In Loving Memory of Duke-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Zeta-Departed 2009 In Loving Memory of Jeeves-Departed 2007 In Loving Memory of Denzil-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Lily-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Leo-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Bluey-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Diego-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Harry& Ruby -Departed 2010&2014 In Loving Memory of Ebony-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Evie-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Kelly-Departed 2010 In Loving Memory of Darcy-Departed 2012

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Penny Maddie 15.7.2014 Shadow 2014 Maddie in loving memory Murphy in loving memory Sid in loving memory Harvey in loving memory Savannah in loving memory Marley in loving memory Saffi sadly missed August 2015 Smudge Sadly missed August 2015 Dooley in loving memory 2015 Paris in loving memory 2015 Sapphire sadly missed 2015 Sophie in loving memory 2015 Scarlett in loving memory 2015 Ziggy in loving memory 2015 Sherman sadly missed 17/7/2015 Ulmo running free 17.11.15 Sparkle sadly missed Jan  2016 Willow, who went over the bridge at 13 years old, a grand old age Griff who sadly went over the bridge August 2016 a few days after his 6th birthday Bailey enjoying the garden...sadly missed Oct 2016 Impera/Daisy sadly missed Dec 2016 Boris sadly missed Dec 2016 Bailey sadly missed Autunm 2016 Darcy sadly missed 23rd June 2016 Storm sadly missed 20th January 2017 Monty who went over the bridge 18/4/17 Daisy sadly missed July 2017 Poppy sadly missed 2017 Dave Sadly missed 2017 Cooper Sadly missed 2017  Garf Sadly missed 2017  Iris Sadly missed 2017 Destiny Sadly missed 2017 Jade Sadly missed 2017 Dudley Sadly missed 2017 Bo sadly missed June 2018 Daisy sadly missed Aug 2018 Duke sadly passed 2018 Lord Alfie (Alf) March 2019"'He was an amazing boy" Baby sadly missed June 2017 Duke Marley rehomed May 2017 Poppy Dec 2020

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Jack went over the bridge at a grand old age.