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The visit from 3 Battersey staff went well last night and they have left us a lot of very useful donations. They want to help re-home as many dogs as possible and will help to find homes for as many as they can  and are keen to work with breed or regional rescues. They were complimentary about the kennels and field, even though it was dark when they arrived,  and the information and  paperwork given to the possible new owners. They liked the new office and seem to ask all the right questions, we will see. Watch this space.

Today we has to say goodbye to Tiffany, a very brave and patient bitch who will be sadly missed by a lot of people. We miss her.

But we then went to Pentre in the Rhondda to collect Gus  very handsome black 4 year old castrated dog as his owner is very seriously ill in hospital and nobody else in the family can walk him. A sad case. although the owner's son had tried to contact the breeder they were unable to do so as the breeder had moved and hadn't left a contact address or phone number!! so we now have 5 dogs in the kennels .