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Coleg Sir Gar Animal Care Students have used Cenninpedr Kennels since 1993 as part of the practical assessments for the various courses available to students who wanted a professional qualification.

Since the foundation of the charity Great Dane Care in 1999 , many students have been able to follow distressed Great Danes through a process that has settled them down, improved their digestion and turned them into a dog suitable to go back into a home and become the “gentle giants” and much appreciated pets, they were intended to be.  It has been a good example of responsible pet ownership and added to the theory taught at all levels during their college years.

Tasks under taken include all the normal kennel duties such as cleaning out, feeding and watering, exercise, grooming and socialisation as well as some heath management such as cleaning ears and teeth, general health checks and parasite monitoring and prevention. The expertise increases at each level attained. Painting and pressure washing is an added extra.

During the last academic year, Level 1 and 2 students had regular sessions here and all have achieved their practical assessments with the help of their ever patient tutors. Last Summer 4 students at level 3 and Foundation degree prove a very valuable help during their holiday period. The charity now employs a final year degree student, 2 days a week, who has vastly improved her dog behaviour skills during this time. Very few students leave college with a fear of giant dogs

The fundraising companion show at Pembrey Country Park in May ran smoothly due to the many students, past and present, who manned the stalls and helped on site as well as entered their dogs in the competitions. The best show ever and a big thanks from the trustees and officers.

Kim adding that extra to the kennel corridor.                                  Hannah reassuring Dylan

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